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The Lexington Rodeo welcomes rodeo friendly media representatives to cover and report on one of the largest indoor rodeos east of the Mississippi. We do require that persons applying for press credentials meet certain criteria as we have a limited number of press passes issued and we require anyone requesting a press pass to verify their position in the media, their intentions regarding photos, interviews, etc. conducted during the course of the two night event. With the growth of BLOGS, a growning number of requests are being received for press passes based on this platform. Regretfully, we cannot issue press passes to persons based on their affiliation with or publishing of a web log. Only those who represent mass media outlets such as broadcast TV, broadcast radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. with physical distribution will be considered for an official press pass.


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By indicating YES in the box above you acknowledge that you have read and meet the requirements for being granted a press pass and that you agree to abide by the guidelines stated. You also agree that if granted a pass that you will submit articles/stories of a positive nature and that you are not attempting to show the sport of rodeo in a negative light in order to further an agenda. You also understand that all images, video and interviews attained by you and your organization granted under these privileges remain the property of the Lexington Rodeo and that a press pass may be revoked by the Lexington Rodeo at any time and for any reason